Dr. White has been leading engineering teams in automated fueling, fuel quality, and robotics for aerospace applications for almost twenty years. Dr. White led a $1M program for the US Navy to develop robotic aircraft securing technologies for next-generation aircraft carriers, including computer-vision-based aircraft recognition, pose determination, acquisition, and clamp-down. Dr. White has also developed circuitry and approaches involving batteries and fuel cells, and web-networked sensors for fuel delivery monitoring. After building a multi-million dollar business base from initial defense department grants in a prime contractor environment, Dr. White co-founded a multidisciplinary engineering/technology start-up and guided it to initial product offerings as CEO/CTO. Now Dr. White leads another engineering start-up focusing on energy delivery, logistic interfaces, and unmanned vehicle applications. In addition, Dr. White performs market analysis and fundraising through federal contracts, academic grants, private investor relations, VC, and Angel investors. As CEO and CTO of FTL Labs, Dr. White brings sufficient facilities for prototype development and testing of systems from printed circuit boards to full-scale prototype consoles, vehicles, and similar systems.

Mr. Fent is a highly accomplished, results-driven senior accounting and finance manager with a decade of experience in finance and operations management within multi-billion dollar organizations. Mr. Fent has demonstrated his superior ability to streamline business processes that drive growth and increase efficiency, while growing bottom-line profit. Mr. Fent’s strong qualifications in developing and implementing financial models makes him uniquely qualified to understand the needs of a startup business. Mr. Fent has also led finance and accounting teams through numerous system conversions with a 100% success rate. His experience within the aviation and clean fuel space has given him exposure to the development of cutting edge technology, while his experience in other industries gives him a wide breadth of knowledge. Mr. Fent possesses solid leadership and interpersonal skills to establish strong rapport with all levels of staff and management.

Mr. Austin is a multi-disciplined systems architect employing a wealth of operational and management experience, specializing in fuel/energy supply, control and monitoring in the aviation, mining and power-generation markets for almost 20 years. Mr. Austin is a serial entrepreneur, starting his first business at 25 and selling his first business at 30. From these experiences Mr. Austin has an unusually high degree of legal, management and creative marketing experience. These combined experiences, particularly in the energy and product management fields gave Mr. Austin the vision and insight to create the Dronoco business model.


  • A formidable management team: a PhD, an MBA and a Product Manager, collectively possessing over 15 years of management experience, 20 years of product development experience and over 40 years of aviation industry refueling experience.
  • Patent Pending
  • Captive market: all UAVs need energy to operate.
  • Universal: Our automated refueling system can accommodate ALL multi-rotor UAV models.
  • Disruptive Implementation: B2B or B2C or both simultaneously.
  • Rapid traction: revenue sharing with RangeStation® leasees - just like a regular vending machine business.
  • Proven Strategies: “razor/razor blade” business model - just like all other energy companies
  • Competition: Our power system is lighter, more energy dense and cheaper than competitors, and costs 3 times less than a “human” battery exchanger.
  • Immense market potential: > $90B in the U.S alone.
  • Great potential for acquisition.